Resume Review and Exchange - Affinity Bar Collective

2020-10-16T00:00:49 - 2020-10-22T00:00:00

Getting advice on your resume can be frustrating. What works in law school doesn’t work once you’ve graduated. Resumes for public interest vs in-house  vs firm jobs are different.  The Affinity Bar Collective (“ABC”) is here to help!
Resume Review: Class of 2015-2020 and students from ABC participating organizations can submit their resumes here by Oct 22.   
Experienced Lawyers: We need YOUR HELP! Remember how frustrating it was to get resume advice? Let’s help our young lawyers and students do better during their job hunt and  become better prepared for OCI this January. To volunteer, please fill out the Resume Reviewer Google form by Oct 22.  
MuBANY is proud to be a part of the Affinity Bar Collective. ABC brings together the brainpower, networks and resources of its Participating Organizations to help their members achieve their personal and professional goals.