Contract Dispute Resolution Board Panelists at NYC OATH

Part Time
10 months ago

The New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) is now accepting applications for Contract Dispute Resolution Board (CDRB) panelists. For some background, CDRB panels hear the final appeal in a three-step dispute resolution process contained in City contracts for construction, goods and services.  Each CDRB panel consists of an OATH Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), as chair, a representative of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, and a third member selected from a pre-qualified roster of individuals, established and administered by OATH, who has appropriate expertise and is unaffiliated and not employed with the City. 

Pursuant to Procurement Policy Board (PPB) rule 4-09(f)(3), the non-City neutral member of the CDRB may not have a contract or dispute with the City, be an officer or employee of any company or organization which has such a dispute or regularly represent persons, companies or organizations having disputes with the City.  In addition, upon designation to participate as a CDRB member in a particular dispute, the non-City neutral must fully disclose any prior or current relationship with any party to the dispute or any financial interests or conflicts of interests which may be relevant to the dispute or any party to the dispute.

 CDRB panelists are paid a basic rate of $750 for the preliminary review of papers filed, attendance at the oral argument, participation in deliberations immediately following oral argument and review of the draft decision.  Extra work, beyond the work covered by the basic rate, may be compensated at the rate of $150 per hour, subject to review by OATH of the reasonableness of the charged time.

 Those interested in being added to the roster of pre-qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.  Applicants should have a background and experience in government contracting, construction, engineering or related law.  An application can be found attached.  Completed applications should be sent via e-mail to Matt Nashban,