General Attorney - Federal Trade Commission

Full Time
11 months ago

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) recently posted a job announcement for FTC consumer protection attorney positions in several areas, including NYC. 

As a General Attorney (Trade Regulation), you will:

  • Make initial determinations as to whether matters should be investigated.
  • Determine legal theories and plans for investigations and litigation and carry them out.
  • Recommend whether cases should be closed, resolved informally or through administrative or federal court settlements, or litigated administratively or in federal court.
  • Investigate matters, including deceptive acts and practices related to COVID-19, and engage in all aspects of civil litigation, including preparing cases for trial by securing and preparing evidence; conferring with witnesses; deposing witnesses; drafting motions and legal briefs; drafting and responding to discovery requests; participating in pretrial conferences; examining and cross-examining witnesses; trying cases; and negotiating settlements.
  • Prepare and prosecute difficult, complex, and important cases.
  • Confer with government agencies, public authorities and attorneys, business people and other members of the public, providing them with information on matters of law, Commission procedure and policy.
  • In FTC Regional Offices, build state and local partnerships, and educate consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.

Click the link below to see more details and instructions on how to apply.