Ramadan Kareem from MuBANY!

image-20220412113039-1image-20220412113048-2MuBANY wishes you all a healthy, peaceful and meaningful Ramadan! In the spirit of the month, MuBANY has donated to four organizations which provide valuable and necessary services to our communities both in NYC and across the world. Please take a look and consider donating as well:

  • Gambian Youth Organization has been a critical organization for the communities impacted by the horrific Bronx fire earlier this year.

  • UNHCR has led the way in providing immediate relief to refugees across the world from Somalia to Afghanistan to Ukraine, to name a few.

  • Wafa House and Asiyah Women’s Center have provided crucial services and housing to victims of domestic violence in NYC and NJ.

We celebrate each of these organizations, and support their work! Ramadan Kareem to all!